Meet the True Crime on Our Minds Hosts

Dawn A.


Dawn grew up in Charleston, SC with her military father, nurse mother, brother, and two sisters. An Air Force brat, she grew up on base until she was 13. Dawn earned a degree in graphic design and communications. She met and married her hubby Chris in Charleston, and they have three amazing  kids, two adorable grandchildren, and two lovable fur babies.

Now in Phoenix, AZ, Dawn works in marketing and communications in the accounting industry. She loves to write, read, create projects on her cricut, go to the movies, nap, and, of course, listen to true crime podcasts. When she isn’t doing one of those things, she is most likely watching something about true crime on Investigation Discovery or Netflix. Chris often jokes about whether he should be worried.

Debi M.


Debi spent her childhood moving from one military base to another until her family settled in Charleston, South Carolina when she was 13. It was there that this air force brat met and married her navy sailor, Ray. After again moving from one military installation to another, they settled in Tennessee after Ray retired from the Navy. They are the proud parents to 4 kids, 3 grand kids and 2 precious puppies that they refer to as “the girls”

Debi is a respiratory therapist, but her passion is working on home projects with Ray, furniture refinishing, reading, watching true crime shows, and listening to true crime podcasts on trips to visit her kids. Her obsession with crime makes Ray more than a little nervous!